Your End-to-End Enterprise POS Solution

Retail POS Systems

Retailers understand that in today’s market, it can be challenging to develop relationships with customers and stay ahead of the competition. Without a robust and feature-rich point of sale (POS) system to help you master the retail environment, you may not have the tools you need to manage your business efficiently and profitably. Retail POS software from TallySoft enables you to streamline your operations, satisfy customers, and make data-driven business decisions that help you reach your business goals. Easy to use, easy to learn and quick processing!

Key Benefits

Easy to Learn and Easy to Use

  • Graphical touchscreen
  • Colorful speed keys
  • Standard interfaces (receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer)
  • Reduce learning curve for sales associates and lower training costs

Quick Data Collection

  • Gather critical information to serve your business and your customers now and in the future
  • Speed up the process of inputting of data critical for sales and inventory reporting
  • Quickly input customer information that can be leveraged for marketing or personalizing service

Speed of Service

  • Fast transaction processing
  • Easy handling of sales, returns, special orders, layaways
  • Packaged commands—pair products together and offer as a bundle purchase
  • Suggestive selling

Accurate Tracking

  • Real-time inventory management
  • Automatic discounting and pricing
  • Fully-integrated tracking of gift cards, certificates and store credit


  • PCI-compliant EFT payment processing


A fully integrated solution proven to increase the customer experience for any retail business, particularly in niche markets including:

Sporting Goods/Pro Shops
Our industry-proven POS solution provides the seamless integration sporting goods retailers need to capture, organize, and analyze data. Gain better visibility into your business to optimize inventory management and track customer purchases to better target your promotions.

Ski Shop
Offers robust industry-specific features that help ski shops track and service equipment and sell products as a bundle creating added value for customers. It also supports payment options to allow customers to pay for the items they need over time.

Surf Shop
Managing product trade-in programs, handling special orders, and maintaining customized work orders are just some of the feature-rich capabilities of our services for surf shop retailers.

Gift Shop/Boutique
Advanced inventory control and graphic prompts for suggested selling provide tools your gift and boutique shop needs to deliver customer experiences that turn good customers into loyal customers.

With tools to more effectively target and market sales and coupons and manage loyalty programs, we help you get the right offer to the right person at the right time. Streamlines productivity on the sales floor and back office for apparel and footwear retailers.

Real-time inventory tracking across selling platforms and an easy reporting interface allows hobby and toy retailers to make smart business decisions regarding your specialized products. Train quickly, and service your customers efficiently with an intuitive user interface.

Coffee Shops
Helps coffee shop retailers streamline service on busy mornings. With product speed keys, quick processing, and gift card and loyalty programs, you’ll keep workflows smooth and customers satisfied.