Your restaurant deserves more than a simple order taker.

Our mission is to make you wildly successful.

Upserve is the magic ingredient for restaurant success, with everything you need to efficiently run your restaurant in a single hub. Upserve offers the market-leading cloud-based restaurant POS, actionable analytics, transparent processing, automated inventory and ordering, mobile restaurant management, and seamless integration with leading third-party restaurant apps via the Upserve Marketplace.

Key Benefits

Offline Mode

– Internet down? No problem. Continue to create checks, send orders to the kitchen and capture credit cards like business as usual.

Menu Management

– Keep it simple and smart. Easily search for menu items, edit your menu on-the-fly, countdown your inventory and alert servers to 86’ed items.

EMV Ready

– Upserve’s EMV setup is fast and designed specifically for restaurants so you can focus on guests, not chargebacks.

Mobile App

– Upserve Live keeps you in the heart of the action at your restaurant, even when you’re away. Track reports - like sales, product mix, and server performance - while on the go.

Smooth Integrations

– Using solutions for scheduling staff, keeping track of inventory, accounting, and more? Connect them directly with Upserve POS so you can work with the tools you already have.

Built-to-Last Hardware

– Upserve uses hardware designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of your busy restaurant. And with flexibility to purchase or finance, getting up and running is fast and easy.

“Upserve has, hands down, made me wildly successful. We have increased check averages, we’ve made our staff better sellers, we’re flipping tables a little bit faster. In the first three months, we saw an increase in sales of 14%, we saw covers increase by 36% and we also saw guest check average go up 31%. I’d say that’s a pretty successful system. Upserve gives me every ounce of data I need to coach and develop my teams.”


A complete Restaurant Management Platform built just for you.


Operate your restaurant and improve efficiency from the front- to the back-of-house using Upserve POS, the most intuitive cloud-based restaurant POS specifically designed for the industry.


Manage everything, from the front to back-of-house. Make smarter decisions using actionable insights that boost sales, keep customers coming back, and reduce costs so you can make more profits.


Grow revenue faster with your own custom loyalty program, integrated online ordering, and server performance capabilities which help typical customers see 30% more sales.

Break Free

No need to labor in a lonely back office to see how your restaurant is performing. Upserve Live organizes key information from the Upserve POS and combines it with advanced analytics from Upserve HQ to give you a simple way to view the things that matter, all from your iPhone.

All your info, all day

When margins are tight and time is a luxury, you can’t wait for updates. Upserve Live is your eyes and ears on the floor and in the kitchen, even when you’re not there. Get key reports and data as it happens, so you’re never out of the loop.

Multiple Locations

Managing multiple locations and concepts is effortless with Upserve Live. With a single app, you can see real-time results from your point of sale, payments and Upserve HQ’s intuitive analytics without having to jump from venue to venue or login into multiple apps.

Save Time

Stop spending tedious hours managing your inventory. Automate the manual spreadsheet process with real-time food costing, one-click purchasing, inventory counting, and receiving with Upserve’s in-app barcode scanner and automatic replenishment. This new feature is perfect for multiple locations.

Slash Costs

Easily track inventory variances and reasons for food waste, so you can can keep your food costs in check and avoid over-ordering or letting inventory theft go unnoticed. Gain purchasing power with full visibility of price fluctuations and your total spend with each supplier.

Design a Delicious & Profitable Menu

Connect your menu sales with your food costs, to spot which menu items are profitable or eating away at your bottom line. Only Upserve enables you to see which
menu items are bringing guests back and how profitable they are for your business.

Save Money

You make the food, manage the staff, and delight the diner. Shouldn’t you keep more of the margins? Upserve Online Ordering doesn’t have commission fees so you keep more revenue from every order. Plus, you avoid operational expenses like extra hardware, having staff transcribe orders or hire extra staff to keep up with your volume.

Order on any Device

Your customers will have the smoothest online ordering experience no matter what device they’re on. And, with the integration, they’re sure to scoop up an accurate order while saving you an average of 30 seconds on online orders.

One Menu

‘86 multiple menu management that eats up your time. Upserve Online Ordering integrates with your Upserve POS menu. Out of an item? Upserve’s Online Ordering syncs with your item count meaning it’ll be off your menu automatically.

Simple Calendar

Ditch the spreadsheets and start building and managing schedules using the same platform you already use to manage your employee information and view your analytics. Generate schedules within a simple calendar view to create and assign shifts from scratch or work from an existing template.

Shared Shifts

Schedules can be shared with employees by text, and/or email. Only want to send updates to your servers? No problem. Control who receives updates whenever you publish.

Manage Clock-ins

Enable time-clock enforcement with an optional grace period to require manager approval if employees clock-in too early – because we know every dollar counts.