Your End-to-End Restaurant POS Solution

From online to prep line, streamline your entire operations to keep customers coming back.

Restaurant is a powerful, cloud-based point of sale that keeps restaurants operations humming and customers raving. It is an all-in-one platform that integrates with self order kiosks, mobile ordering, a guest application, gift cards and loyalty programs. Designed for fine, casual and quick service dining environments, the platform streamlines operations – front to back – to make it easier for restaurant owners to manage and grow their business from tableside to delivery, kiosk to kitchen, and from countertop to online.

Key Benefits

Turn tables faster

  • Take orders tableside with mobile tablets and kiosks
  • Process payments faster: credit, debit and gift cards, as well a mobile wallet
  • Guests are in and out in a flash for an improved customer experience

Skip the line

  • Speedy checkout: no waiting to process credit, debit and gift cards
  • Customers can scan check to pay with their mobile phone
  • Customers can order and pay online

Sync servers and kitchen in real time

  • Servers have instant access to dietary information and drink pairings
  • Modifications and allergy information immediately conveyed to cooks
  • Reduces confusion so no one sends back their food

Manage orders from tableside to pickup to delivery

  • Generates new sources of revenue
  • Meals are delivered on time
  • Food is delivered hot and fresh

Access menus, inventory and sales from any device

  • Visibility over end-to-end operations, expenses and revenue - one location or many
  • Real-time reporting to ensure you always have enough staff and inventory on hand
  • Make menu changes on the go, and have them sync across locations
  • 24/7 Tech Support Included
  • Onsite Installation and Training
  • Menu Programming
  • Free Software Upgrades
  • Lifetime Hardware Replacement
  • Integrated Payment Processing
  • Integrated Gift Card Processing
  • EMV Ready
  • Minimal Upfront Fee
  • For as Low as $6 a Day!

Cloud Management

Say goodbye to those legacy back office computers and remote access softwares! Manage your restaurant with access to your data anytime, anywhere, with our easy-to-use, mobile responsive website. With any computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can access deep insight into your restaurant’s financial and operational performance.

Delivery Dispatch

Run your delivery operations and communicate delivery information to your drivers. With Delivery Dispatch, you can drag and drop to assign orders to drivers, dispatch delivery orders through text messaging, view and print turn-by-turn directions, quickly add or remove drivers, and view orders assigned to specific drivers.

Guest Engagement App

Enhance your customers experience with a customer engagement app that can make it easier for your customers, from skipping the line to getting rewards or paying from their phone. The Guest Engagement App is sure to make your customers happier.

Host Waitlist Management

There’s no need for those bulky, costly, limited-range buzzers. Keep track of guests from arrival through their order by managing your waitlist using our directly integrated system. Add guests, send text messages to their mobile phones when their table is ready, drag and drop guests to their table, and add previously ordered menu items to new tickets. Managing your waitlist while your restaurant is busy has never been easier!

Kitchen Display System

With Heartland Restaurant, orders are automatically sent to iPads in the kitchen from your servers, minimizing confusion. When changes occur, Heartland Restaurant immediately updates and inserts changes into the order, increasing the speed of service. Choose from a variety of settings to fit your needs. Select one or two rows or scale to fit viewing, change the font size, recall deleted orders, and more.

Online & Mobile Ordering

Our fully-integrated solution allows merchants to accept online orders directly on their POS. A user – friendly interface styled to fit your brand enables customers to order from anywhere. Mobile Ordering is part of Heartland Restaurant’s powerful features, at no additional cost. Your customers can order directly from your site to eliminate paying middlemen on every order.

Self Order Kiosk

You don’t have to be a large, national chain to be able to afford the benefits of kiosk ordering. The Self Order Kiosk app can be loaded onto stationary iPads anywhere in the restaurant. The deceptively simple kiosk software prompts customers through the ordering process and accepts credit card payments for orders.

Tableside Ordering

With Heartland Restaurant, your servers can input orders directly to the kitchen using an IPad or IPad Mini at the table. No need to waste time entering an order after writing it down. Your customers will be pleased with faster service, and you will turn more tables throughout the day. Even capture electronic signatures and tip amounts by processing transactions directly at the table.


Is the software cloud based?

Cloud-based POS? Yes, please.

With cloud-based point-of-sale software, you can access important information anytime, from anywhere. Your guests can order how and when they want. And yes, the system still works even if the Internet is down. Plus, all the features you need are built right in—so third-party integrations are optional, not required.

Is the hardware big and bulky?

Sleek hardware—on your terms

Give guests, servers and managers the power and durability they need in sleek, modern systems they’re comfortable using. We stick with Apple® products because they’re easy to use, ergonomic, take up less counter space and even cover fingerprints. Plus, with flexible setup options, you can purchase, rent or even use your own equipment.

Is support offered?

Support that’s there for you—literally

Save time and boost profits with on-site, hands-on support and ongoing advice. Our dedicated consultants are in your community, and they make it a point to understand your unique needs. From setup to system consolidation, they’re ready to find the solutions that work best for your restaurant today—and as your business grows.

Is there contract-based processing?

Unlocked processing sets you free

Not only does Heartland Restaurant support EMV and contactless payments, it also lets you shop around for the best deal on payment processing. Our unlocked processing system works independently from your payment processor. So you can switch at any time, for any reason—free from combined contract fees, rate hikes or other hassles.